Multimodal Transport

Would you like to benefit the Multimodal Transport service in the most reliable way? If your answer is yes, our company offers you the quality service you are looking for in the best way. You can get information about multimodal transport and all our other services by contacting our company, which serves as a world brand in the transportation sector. Now let’s look at all the details that need to be known about multimodal transport.

What Is Multimodal Transport?

It is important to choose between Multimodal and Intermodal shipping for senders to optimize route and total shipping costs. Sometimes a combination of different shipping companies can be much more advantageous to get the best total shipping cost. But it requires more logistical coordination. Using only a single shipper can provide the best routing and require less paperwork.

Multimodal transport or combined transport is by definition a combination of at least two or more different modes to transport your cargo from one place in one country to another. The main feature of Multimodal transport is that although it includes various modes of transport, it still remains under a single bill of lading. This means that the shipper is fully responsible for all transport, even if it is carried out by different modes of transport, such as airways, railways, land road or marine ways.

When shippers choose multimodal Transport for their cargo, this means that an agent or carrier is responsible for the entire transport. Having only one contract minimizes the cost of coordination and communication for you as a sender, especially if something goes wrong, which ensures high efficiency in delivery time. With Multimodal, it’s easy to track your containers because you only use a one-time tracking interface instead of a few ones. Access to remote parts of the world with the responsibility and obligation to move with just one shipper is another reason to choose Multimodal Transport. Multimodal is considered a time-saving and cost-saving shipment source.

Professional Multimodal Transportation Service

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