Storage and handling

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What Is Handling?

Operations such as stacking, transferring from large containers to smaller containers, changing their location, renewing, repairing, frying, ventilation of containers under customs supervision are expressed as handling. The handling is carried out in 4 different types. These are in the form of time, volume, quantity, and movement. In any way, the short-distance movements of the products in the warehouse or area, taking into account the movement, time, volume and quantity in a professional way and taking them to the shipment area can be explained as handling.

There are several methods of handling services. The methods in question are as follows.

X-Dock: it is the delivery of materials to the warehouse in a ready format by placing them in various packages based on the order according to the points to which they will be sent. Materials remain in storage for a short time. Storage is provided in the shortest and most economical way without handling.

Flow-Thru: it is the sending of materials to warehouses by evaluating them on the basis of packaging. Materials are distributed from warehouses at the point of shipment.

Put Away: it is the sending of materials to the warehouse based on the product. With this method, materials are placed in shelf addresses in warehouses. According to the order time, the desired amount of shipment from the desired product is provided.

What Is Storage?

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Top quality storage and Handling Services

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